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faces    (v) (f ei1 s i z)

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
アイゴ科[アイゴか, aigo ka] (n) Siganidae (family of fishes known as rabbitfishes, spinefoots and foxfaces) [Add to Longdo]
エタロン[, etaron] (n) etalon (optical element with parallel surfaces used to increase the coherent length of a laser) [Add to Longdo]
スマイリーフェイス[, sumairi-feisu] (n) {comp} smiley faces [Add to Longdo]
向かって右[むかってみぎ, mukattemigi] (exp) on the right as one faces (it) [Add to Longdo]
向かって左[むかってひだり, mukattehidari] (exp) on the left as one faces (it); (P) [Add to Longdo]
三面[さんめん, sanmen] (n) three sides; three faces; page three (of a newspaper) [Add to Longdo]
邪正一如[じゃしょういちにょ, jashouichinyo] (exp) Wrong and right are but two faces of the same coin [Add to Longdo]
親の顔が見たい[おやのかおがみたい, oyanokaogamitai] (exp) expresses shock at misbehaviour of a youngster; what must his parents be like?; I'd like to see his parents' faces [Add to Longdo]
生死一如[せいしいちにょ, seishiichinyo] (exp) Life and death are the two faces of the same coin [Add to Longdo]
善悪不二[ぜんあくふに, zen'akufuni] (exp) {Buddh} Good and evil are but two faces of the same coin [Add to Longdo]

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