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假冒[jiǎ mào, ㄐㄧㄚˇ ㄇㄠˋ, ] to impersonate; to counterfeit; to palm off an imitation, #9,499 [Add to Longdo]
假冒[jiǎ mào pǐn, ㄐㄧㄚˇ ㄇㄠˋ ㄆㄧㄣˇ, ] counterfeit object; fake, #145,612 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
It is a demon in a false body.[CN] 这是假冒纳美人的恶魔 Avatar (2009)
Looks like an A to me.[CN] 绝对是一流水准的假冒签名 {\3cH202020}Looks like an "A" To me. Aunt Ginger (2011)
Well, now the police are focused on the copycat archer instead of the Undertaking.[CN] 现在警察们都在关注假冒牌弓箭手 不理会我们的大事了 至于我们的附带损害 Darkness on the Edge of Town (2013)
Look, it's not like I don't love the guy, but it's hard to respect a hypocrite.[CN] 不是说我不爱我爸,但是我不可能尊重这种假冒伪善 Courageous (2011)
We encountered these people calling themselves the "Divine Constabulary", imitating service to the Crown.[CN] 六扇门在办案 有人自称神侯府 假冒朝廷命官 The Four (2012)
I tracked him down. It was really easy.[CN] 我就假冒了,很简单 The Guilt Trip (2012)
Shouldn't it be that fake Katou?[CN] 要杀也是去杀假冒的加藤才对啊! Gantz: Perfect Answer (2011)
Jane, you double Moreau, and sell the codes to Wistrom and Bob's your uncle.[CN] 珍假冒莫露... 賣密碼給威斯壯就一切搞定! Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
Made in Germany. Beware of imitators.[CN] 德国制造,谨防假冒,请拨1 Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011)
Suspects are armed and posing as cops.[CN] 嫌疑犯手持枪械并且假冒警员 Blood Ties (2013)
They found the counterfeiting press, five pistols, two automatics.[CN] 他们发现了假冒的记者 五支手枪 两支自动枪 J. Edgar (2011)
Hypocrites.[CN] 假冒为善的人啊 Betrayal (2013)
Since some time, some raids conducted by fake CBl..[CN] 本字幕由 ShinY 深影字幕組 原創翻譯製作 一段時間以來 假冒中央調查局的劫掠 Special 26 (2013)
It could be called "The Painfully Obvious with Olive Penderghast the Fake School Slut."[CN] 那就会被称为 "奥莉薇潘德盖斯的痛楚" "假冒的学校荡货" Easy A (2010)
Who could never get into the school that we come from.[CN] 谁知道他的学历是不是假冒的 Who could never get into the school that we come from. American Hustle (2013)
Even if it is a fake, you're going to kill it?[CN] 它是假冒... 你也要下杀手? Bilocation (2013)
- You have the right to remain silent![CN] -他是假冒警察 Pilot (2013)
but all he found were fakes.[CN] 可是全都是假冒 Trick the Movie: Psychic Battle Royale (2010)
I warned you, Creepedeep.[CN] 我警告过你笨蛋 没人会相信假冒双头蛇 The Littlest Angel (2011)
Tae Yong's imposter took the documents proving you pretended to be Chairman Jang's daughter and stored them in that notebook.[CN] 伪装泰瑢的骗子 将你假冒张会长女儿的文件 全部收集在那个电脑里了 Episode #1.17 (2012)
- In desperate times, false gods abound.[CN] 在绝望的时代,假冒的上帝到处存在 Stake Land (2010)
The fake ran away.[CN] 假冒的已走了 Bilocation (2013)
Umberto Baglioni Ruspanti had been arrested for trying to pass off fake bearer bonds.[CN] 倒卖假冒不记名债券的案子么 Cabal (2011)
So even if we can double Wistrom and Moreau, how do we keep them in separate rooms while having them think that they're in the same room?[CN] 即使我們能假冒威斯壯和莫露 我們如何讓他們待在不同房間 卻以為待在同個房間? Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
That pretend street urchin smells like John Law from here.[CN] 那个假冒的流浪汉看着像是约翰. 洛尔 Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball (2010)
We have the phony wire transfers-- thousands of them.[CN] 我们有假冒的电汇者... Uh... Oh... Ah... (2013)
But you don't have to find a fake photographer to torture me[CN] 是也不用找个假冒东西来虐待我呀 I Love Hong Kong 2012 (2012)
The Russians accused themselves, to be illegitimate Jews with faked approvals[CN] 這些俄國人相互指責對方 假冒猶太人身份騙取居住許可 Russendisko (2012)
Downstairs, Benji will double Wistrom.[CN] 樓下,班吉會假冒威斯壯 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
You're pretending to be someone you're not.[CN] 假冒身份 The Runway Job (2010)
You're a phony.[CN] 你是一个假冒的。 Between Us (2012)
You said to me, "She's a phony and had to know."[CN] 你对我说, "她是一个假冒的和必须知道。" Blue Jasmine (2013)
You sent Sam a phantom text from his ex?[CN] 你假冒Sam前女友给他发短信? LARP and the Real Girl (2013)
- We used a fake e-mail, man.[CN] - 我用的假冒电子邮件 Disconnect (2012)
Even that damn counterfeit hat.[CN] 带着那顶特殊的假冒帽子 Even that damn counterfeit hat. A Night in Old Mexico (2013)
I tracked down Andy.[CN] 我假冒了安迪 The Guilt Trip (2012)
We should not be rolled by our Wall Street exec... who's masquerading as Secretary of the Treasury.[CN] 我们不该被华尔街高层左右 他假冒是财政部长 Killing Them Softly (2012)
You're faking star autographs![CN] 你完了! 你假冒明星签名! Echoes of the Rainbow (2010)
Well, you must know he got bagged in a sting trying to sell millions of fake bearer bonds?[CN] 他想出手数百万假冒不记名债券被抓包了 Cabal (2011)
But being fakes, they eventually disappear.[CN] 但假冒的 始终都会消失 Bilocation (2013)
It's quite inclusive. All the blue pages, the short sales, the fake company and all that confidential medical information you shared with Wesley.[CN] 材料都齐了 所有的蓝页卖空交易 假冒公司的信息 Critical (2012)
You, sir, are under arrest by the United States Navy for impersonating an officer.[CN] 你被王师海军逮捕了 罪名是假冒王师海军军官 Welcome to the Jungle (2013)
I dunno, like... contraband cigarettes, coke...[CN] 你知道... ..." 假冒卷烟,涂料... Paulette (2012)
Yeah, i think someone sold you a bum shift stone.[CN] 嗯 我看是有人把假冒伪劣商品卖给你了 Jailhouse Panda (2011)
Where I'll double Moreau.[CN] 我會在那裏假冒莫露 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
I beseech thee to give him wide berth as he is pained by a riven heart torn asunder by the cruelty of an untrue maiden.[CN] 我恳求你能用宽怀的心胸 包容他那被假冒的处女 残忍的扯裂撕碎化为碎片的破碎的心 Knights of Badassdom (2013)
He's such a phony.[CN] 他是这样一个假冒的。 Blue Jasmine (2013)
Can you take your seat, please, Molly, so we can start'?[CN] 您可以假冒你的座位, 请,莫莉,所以我们就可以开始"? Molly Maxwell (2013)
There's no imposter in the hospital.[CN] 医院里没有假冒我的人 Golden Slumber (2010)
Photos of your team in their adorable little costumes,[CN] 以及你手下假冒FBI探员的照片 The Maltese Falcon Job (2010)

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